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Below you can see the many offerings to help take your chess study to the next level. Chess with Nick specializes in helping you to develop your own study plan catered to your needs with personalized videos, write-ups, and study suggestions designed to break you through any rating plateau!

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Get ready to have fun and become immersed in the world of chess! Teaching and promoting chess serves as my mechanism of choice to help build a stronger community. Chess helps to teach real-time problem solving that can translate into life far away from the board. Furthermore, chess fosters an appreciation for art and aesthetics that we can all take with us as a constant reminder to notice the beauty in the little things which surround us in our day-to-day lives.

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Meet Your Instructor

Nick Petersen
USCF Expert, Peak Rating 2050

Chess is not only my favorite pastime, but also a great tool to be used for building critical thinking and fostering community! I have over 20 years in tournament chess competition and more than 5 years of teaching experience. In addition to chess, I have worked as an instructor at resident summer camps, environmental education programs, and even as an aviation flight instructor. This varied background has given me the opportunity to work with, grow alongside, and connect with people from a wide array of backgrounds and interests. I continually seek ways to expand my knowledge to provide the best coaching available to my clients. Try your first lesson or check out my YouTube channel to join the ChessWithNick family today!


Sample Video Analysis

Featuring Game Thomas Rowan v Ryan Ratliff

Check out the above video for an example of what to expect from your video analysis purchase. Videos will be roughly 30 minutes to an hour in length dependent upon how many moves were made in your game!


Sample Written Analysis

What to Expect From Your Written Analysis Purchase

The game below shows an example of what to expect with your purchase of a written analysis. Via e-mail you will receive an article-style write up as well as a copy-and-pastable pgn. The pgn can be viewed through a large multitude of chess apps, including on lichess and chess.com


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